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The Best Sunset Pubs in Bali

There is nothing better than a well-timed tipple, particularly when you’re watching a jaw-dropping sunset that Bali is so famed for. Beach or jungle, if the perspective fits we say go with it, so kick back and cast your gaze upon our fave sunset bars to ruminate while the sun illuminates. These are the ideal sunset bars in Bali for a golden hour that actually glows.

The hottest new sun-drop spot: SugarSand

In regards to the perfect formula for a show-stopping sunset place, SugarSand has it down pat. This new Seminyak destination is a bit beachy, a small bit boozy, large on the audio and even bigger on the meals — and more importantly, it sits in plain sight of these oozy orange sun-drops each evening. Not your typical beach club, not only a bar, and so much more than”only” a west-facing restaurant on the beach — SugarSand is the best mishmash of what we love, with plenty of nods to local art, culture and design too.

Sitting on two magnificent levels to guarantee those unobstructed ocean views, SugarSand ups the sunset ante with its collection of poolside daybeds, a toes-in-the-sand shore bar and seaside terrace serving coastal cocktails and snacks. But it’s on the top floor which you’ll want to be searched for if gold hour does its thang. This open-air rooftop lounge just begs for nightly sundowners under candy-colored heavens, made easy thanks to Singaporean mixology maestro, Sufian Mahmoud, who’s put together tropical spins on Japanese sake and soju, and slow-cooked G&Ts actually to get your sunset juices flowing. Now that’s a Bali sunset done right.

The beach-chic option: AlilaSeminyak

With two sunset bars that spill straight out on the sand, AlilaSeminyak is among the most fabulous, front-row sunset seats on the staircase. Wander throughout the oh-so-trendy minimalist hotel and across flawlessly manicured yards, and it has warm ocean air and designer vibes for so much as the eye can see. Cuddle up onto a comfy low-slung couch or a sink-into beanbag, and graze on Mediterranean mezze and tapas plates (or even a smoky barbecue from the beach!) As the candy sky unfold.

The shutter Colosseum: Potato Head Beach Club

Measure through the concrete canyon entry and into the Colosseum-esque stadium of Potato Head Beach Club, and you will understand why this proudly Indonesian brand has become an inspiring institution in Bali. 2 restaurants, sunset bars galore and an infinity pool with fab views of the sparkling Indian Ocean? It is the Seminyak playground combo nobody could resist. The smart ones create a day of it, turning up by lunchtime to claim that their poolside real-estate (aka sun loungers) but in any event, get there well before sunset to carry everything in before the sun really goes down.

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