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Taste These 5 Best Balinese Dishes For A Memorable Food Journey


When you are traveling on a budget in Bali, rather than having lunch out with pricey food, try these 5 Balinese dishes that are quite cheap so you can save your money. Savor the authentic Balinese flavors, from the incredible suckling pig into the delicious satay on lemongrass. It is guaranteed that your appetite will be satisfied.

  1. Babi Guling

It may be hard to find pork dishes in Indonesia. However, Bali is where you can get the yummiest suckling pig, named “Babi Guling.” The deceased mammal is rubbed with various aromatic Balinese spices like turmeric, lemongrass, chilies, ginger and kaffir lime leaves before being roasted over coconut husks. The beef is perfectly tender, and the crackling is crispy.

  1. Lawar

Lawar is one of that pork blended with grated coconut, sliced veggies, herbs, spices as well as the pig’s new blood to boost the taste. There are lots of Lawar options such as Lawar Ayam (made of poultry ) and Lamar Nangka (manufactured from youthful jack fruit). It is usually eaten with the rice, in addition to the pork.

  1. Bebek and Ayam Betutu

The ‘Betutu’ could be a chicken or duck wrapped in upih and slow roasted inside the heap of burnt rice husks to tender perfection. Before taking the long process of ingestion, the poultry is marinated with all the lime juice, chopped lemongrass, salt, and spicy seasoning (garlic, shallot, red chilies, ginger, shrimp paste, galangal, and coriander). This hot dish can be found anywhere on the entire island.

  1. Sayur Urab

Are you a vegetarian? Try veggies or the Sayur Urab. All those ingredients are blended with the hot sambal. This healthful food is enjoyed with all the hot steamed rice and poultry.

  1. Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit is Balinese specialty famed because of its unique appearance and its delicacy. Instead of being skewered with a bamboo rod, it uses lemongrass as well as sugar cane rod. As alternatives, the minced meat could be chicken, beef, fish or pork, even turtle. The minced meat is blended with lemon juice, grated coconut, shallot, coconut milk, and pepper, then grilled over charcoal.