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Choosing a Houston General Contractor

What happens when you choose a Houston general contractor that isn’t the right size for your project? Two things can happen – either you will be overpaying for excess crew and equipment that isn’t necessary for your type of project, or you’ll spend more money in labor costs for a general contractor that is too small for the job and will take more manhours to complete.

general contractor takes the helm – controlling and supervising your construction project and provides all of the material, equipment, labor and specialized subcontractors to complete all or portions of a residential or commercial construction or remodeling project.

Choosing a Houston General Contractor

Project Reviews – There are a number of ways to find out if the general contractor you are thinking about hiring for your next project is the best choice. Look at their gallery of past and current projects online and also run an independent check of customer reviews that are posted outside of the contractor’s website.

Reputation – It may take a little more legwork to contact references and interview past customers of the general contractor, but it can be worth the time and effort as most people will speak honestly “person-to-person” about any bad experiences they had with a service provider. Don’t overlook word-of-mouth referrals. A company that has a high number of repeat customers or referred customers with a positive experience is hands-down the best choice for a contractor.

industry Credentials – Some quick internet visit to the company’s website or a phone call to their customer service agent can give you information on what type of credentials the Houston general contractor has. Ask about required state and local licenses and any professional member designations to construction trade associations. But, simply because a certification is listed, doesn’t mean it has any true bearing on your project. Therefore check for a specific credential for the type of renovation projects you are having done.

For over thirty years Derk Harmsen Construction Co. has served the construction industry in the Houston area as a General Contractor. We are fully insured with a focus on job safety and providing quality in craftsmanship and materials. All our employees undergo random drug screening and we hold regular safety awareness and procedures training to protect not only our workers but out clients also.

Quality work is our number one priority at Derk Harmsen Construction Co., Inc. Our years of industry experience has gained us a reputation for fairness and our clients often contact us for repeat business or new project referrals. We provide unparalleled customer satisfaction by offering fully warrantable work and we also believe in transparency by posting letters from our banking, bonding, and insurance companies, as well as references from some of our satisfied customers.