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Basic Exercises to Warm Up for your Upcoming Hiking Trip

The most common hiking injuries occurring during a trip would be ankle sprains and ankle rolling. Therefore, if you were out of shape or have not been actively participating in hiking trips recently, Tyler Grasham lays emphasis on you starting with few basic exercises. It would help you warm up the muscles along with increasing your heart rate.

Find below some basic exercises designed by Tyler Grasham for strengthening your ankle and avoiding ankle rolling and sprains.

  • Running or walking in the sand

The exercise would build the muscles for protecting the ankles and knees.

  • Strengthening your muscles

A resistance band could be used to strengthen your small stabilizer muscles around the knees and the ankles.

  • Crunches

In order to build up your core strength, crunches would be essential. It would help you maintain your balance on uneven surfaces.

  • Lunges and squats

Squats and lunges would also strengthen your core muscles. However, you should remember to keep your back straight and take the exercise slowly.

  • Cardio

Regardless, you choose a treadmill or a stationary cycle at the gym; the exercise would ensure that you increase your heart rate. It would also help you build your lung capacity in order to help you hike for longer duration.

  • Push-ups

The exercise would help you develop and enhance upper body strength. It would strengthen your back, which would be essential for long duration trips, especially when you carry heavier backpacks.

  • Step-ups

Prior to a backpacking trip, you should weight your pack and step up on a park bench nearly 18 inches high. Continuously add five pounds a week until your pack grow heavy meeting the weight that you would be carrying on the hike.

These exercises would help you prepare for your hiking trip in the best manner possible.