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7 Common Sunscreen Mistakes That Women Tend To Commit More Often

Sunscreen must be a woman’s best friend, and one should never miss out on them. But, we do usually ignore it, that, of course, is the most common mistake. Sometimes, even after using the most excellent quality sunscreen and in the right manner, we tend to commit some common mistakes. Here is a list of 7 common sunscreen mistakes that you had no idea you have been making all this while:

  •    Check for the date:

Did you check the expiry date of your sunscreen or are you using it since years now? Did you find it from your closet exactly where you had kept it last year? It is the problem with almost all of us that we don’t usually check the expiry dates of the sunscreen we tend to use. Because no matter how powerful the SPF protection is, and how useful the features are a sunscreen does expire. It can turn harmful for your skin. Buy best of sunscreen at the best prices online, and you can do so by visiting HotOzCoupons website.

  •    Using sunscreen once in a while:

If you are stepping out at 7 AM and that is the only time you applied sunscreen, then you need another reapplication. Another casual mistake that we make is that we assume that sunscreen lasts all day long. If you have a prolonged outdoor schedule, then running some sunscreen at regular interval will do better protection of your skin. Also, don’t forget to go for a head-to-toe application because no amount of sunscreen can be too much for the skin.

  •    Relying on spray sunscreen:

For most women, spray sunscreen is the best thing ever invented. But no, they are not what you need for your skin as they come with health risks potential. The spray is not even accessible when the weather is windy as all of the spray then blows to waste. The spray is injurious to inhale especially for children. And, the right way to use a spray sunscreen is by spraying it on the hands and then apply it on your skin.

  •    Missing on the usual spots:

If you thought that sunscreen was only supposed to be applied on your arms and legs, or chest and back then you were making a mistake. Almost all of us miss on the essential parts like the scalp, ear, lips, feet, back of the hands. And all of these are always exposed to the sun no matter what you are wearing. For lips, buy SPF included lip balms and for the rest, your basic sunscreen would do its job. Even there is particular sunscreen available for the scalp in the form of hair spray or gel.

  •    You apply sunscreen only when you are out in the sun:

If you still believe that sunscreen is supposed to be used just when you are going out in the sun, then yes you are making a mistake. Whether it is fall weather or the sunny side is up, sunscreen goes with everything because they keep your skin safe. UV rays don’t just attack your skin when the sun is up, but also when you see clouds on your head. So little sunscreen would not harm.

  •    Dark complexion doesn’t ensure sun protection:

Yes, there are women out there who believe that their dark complexion skin doesn’t need to be sunscreen protected. Even dark complexion is hit by tan, patches, marks that make your skin irritable. Also, even dark complexion skin is affected like any other skin no matter what the complexion by the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is one common sunscreen mistake that women make and skip on the part of applying sunscreen for their good.

  •    Higher SPF means a higher amount of safety:

Well, this is a common mistake that we make when it comes to choosing a good sunscreen. Any sunscreen with an SPF of 15 and above is usually good, but more than that you need to check what else it has to offer. Other ingredients that can go well with your skin should be chosen so that it turns up to be safe.

Lastly, we as women believe that if our makeup products have SPF quantities in them then that let alone is enough to protect our skin. But a big NO, because that SPF quantity is for the name’s sake and if you need SPF protection, then you must buy sunscreen.