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5 Signs That Show You Have Asthma

Asthma can sometimes be very difficult to identify without a doctor’s intervention. Often, it shows up in our children and we don’t notice before it’s significantly late. Noticing the symptoms is not as hard as it sounds, and if you’re observant enough of the patient, you won’t overlook these suggestive signs. If you or your child is facing the symptoms that we will soon discuss here, take the help of crowdfunding in India and see the best doctor in the country.

In this article, we will tell you about the signs of asthma you should be looking out for. You may experience all these signs or you may not experience any of them. If you suspect that you have asthma then you need to see a doctor get your symptoms checked out. Do not worry about medical bills because crowdfunding in India will be your constant support.

  1. Wheezing

Wheezing is most commonly associated with asthma. It is also mostly the reason behind patients suspecting asthma and seeking medical attention. The high-pitched whistle is mostly heard as you exhale, or breathe out.  However, wheezing may also occur when you inhale or breathe in, indicating lesser asthma control.  Here, inflammation causes narrowing of the airways inside of the lung which results in decreased air flow inside the lung. Keep in mind that wheezing can also occur with a number of other diseases such as Congestive heart failure or Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

  1. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath, in simpler terms, is breathlessness. This asthma symptom can be experienced before diagnosis. It can also be a sign of poor asthma control.

Shortness of breath is not normal, but it is also not unexpected with very strenuous exercise. Low to moderate intensity exercises in obese patients also may lead to shortness of breath.

Your physician and others may refer to it as “air hunger” or dyspnea.

  1. Chest Tightness

Chest tightness may accompany other primary asthma symptoms or show up all alone. Most patients describe it as an extremely uncomfortable feeling of air not moving in their lungs. Most patients aren’t able to articulate this feeling and all they say is, ‘I just feel tight.’ This can be a cause for a significant amount of anxiety as patients assume they will never be able to breathe properly again.

  1. Coughing

A cough is a common complaint patients have when seeing the doctor, especially during cold and flu season. It can be a bad indication for patients at risk for lung cancer. It can also be one of the signs of a bacterial infection or it could be a simple virus. A cough is also part of your body’s normal defense mechanisms.

A chronic cough however can be a sign of asthma.  If your doctor suspects an asthma diagnosis, they will ask you about coughing tendencies at nights or during exercise. For asthma patients, frequent nighttime coughs should tell you that you must step up your asthma medication.

  1. Problem in Sleeping

This is due to coughing or difficulty breathing. If coughing or breathlessness is keeping you up all night, it can be a major sign of asthma.

Doctors diagnose asthma by evaluating your medical history and getting breathing tests done to determine how well your lungs work. Your doctor may also perform allergy testing as many people with asthma report to also suffer from several allergies. Make sure to see the best allergist in town, and even if she lives in another city, you know that you can now afford those travel expenses too. Seek the best treatment with the help of crowdfunding in India and never look back towards a life deprived of excellent health!